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CTJC has provided expert engineering services to television broadcasters for more than 50 years. Over the past 20+ years, CTJC engineers have worked tirelessly with our television clients to help them navigate the treacherous waters of the analog to digital transition with the goal of achieving the best possible digital broadcast facility. Having geared up early in the process with computer software and hardware to allow quick evaluation of the myriad of possible scenarios through the long transition process, CTJC engineers provided our clients with the best possible technical alternatives each step of the way.

Since the full-service transition to DTV in mid-2009, CTJC engineers have continued to develop and implement strategies to further optimize our client's television broadcast facilities to achieve the best possible signal in the marketplace. Our engineers may be able to help you to improve your signal coverage by means of a power increase, a channel change, an interference agreement with one or more other stations, or a fill-in booster station, or a Single Frequency Network. We offer similar technical services for Class A, low power TV and TV translators, including locating alternative channels in the case of displacement.

Our services include preparation of applications for new, modified and STA facilities, design of directional antenna patterns to facilitate coverage and population maximization, technical interface with antenna and equipment manufacturers, technical interface with FCC staff, interference analyses, assessment of applications by others that may adversely impact your facility, and preparation of applications for new or modified auxiliary TV services (studio to transmitter link, intercity relay, electronic news gathering, weather radar, etc.). Let us help you with your next technical challenge.

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