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CTJC serves a long and diverse list of clients from the large group owner seeking a facility improvement in a major metropolitan area to the individual seeking to establish a new FM station in their hometown. Similarly, we specialize in wide range of FM broadcast services from a simple antenna relocation to a complex upgrade which may involve a distant transmitter site relocation, multiple other stations, a change in frequency and/or a change in the FM station's community of license.

Our engineers are proficient in the use of the latest FM allocation, signal propagation and mapping software and we are in-tune with the FCC's Rules and ever-changing policies and precedent. Our staff specializes in solving complicated technical problems and providing technical support in contested cases. If you are in the position where your FM application was opposed or you wish to pursue an Opposition of your own, our office works seamlessly with respected law firms to provide robust technical support to any legal filing.

For commercial band FM stations, we can advise the best way to get the most out of your radio station. From a complex upgrade to a simple transmission system equipment adjustment, we can advise you of the best and most cost effective way to improve your station. We can recommend preferred areas to locate your radio station based on both FCC and FAA requirements. In addition, our recommended transmitter site area is often based on the presence of existing towers, the proximity of your target audience, the area's population density/demographics, the local terrain features, and the unique signal propagation characteristics of the area based on our years of experience in most radio markets.

For non-commercial, reserved band FM stations, we offer the expertise to perform complete FM allocation studies, coverage analysis, antenna design and FCC filing services for new, major and minor FCC applications. CTJC has decades of experience in filing NCE-FM applications and we specialize in the FCC's NCE-FM point system analysis. We will strive to propose a superior technical facility in all of our filings for new NCE-FM stations.

When an FM directional antenna is either a necessary or a preferred option, our staff can design the best case directional antenna pattern to meet your FCC protection requirements and achieve your desired service goals. We have extensive experience with all of the industry leading antenna manufacturers to guide you all the way from FCC application to on-site installation and licensing.

Our staff can also assist you with FM Auxiliary (backup), FM translator, FM booster, Low Power FM (LPFM) and FM IBOC (HD Radio) filings and more.

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