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Our engineering staff has the experience and know-how to assist you with a number of regulatory and on-site needs including:

  • Detailed coverage maps uniquely designed and clearly explained. We can choose from a variety of signal propagation models to provide you with the most realistic representation of your predicted coverage given your unique local environment. The base map can include any level of detail that you desire down to street level accuracy. Coverage maps may include population reports which can be broken down to county level detail and demographic data is available for all of our population studies.

  • Antenna Tower Structure Filings. We provide full service filing capabilities for your new or modified tower structure, rooftop or any type of antenna support structure. Our filing services include the requisite filings with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Forms 7460-1) and with the FCC using their Antenna Structure Registration software.

  • Broadcast Auxiliary Service Filings using the FCC's Universal Licensing System (ULS) including microwave links (STL, TSL) and fixed mobile transmit facilities (RPU, ICR) and weather radar systems.

  • International Bureau Filings using the FCC's myIBFS Filing System to include your station's satellite earth stations and high frequency microwave links.

  • Multiple Ownership Contour Studies for Unrated Radio Markets. Our staff provides the entire technical document including a market analysis, station count, statement and a detailed map to confirm that your proposed station acquisition meets applicable FCC ownership rules.

  • Computer analysis of signal scattering and pattern distortion resulting from conducting structures in the vicinity of an antenna system and design and fabrication of single and multiple frequency detuning equipment.

  • Radiofrequency energy measurements and evaluation of compliance with radiofrequency radiation guidelines and limits.

  • Terrain Signal Propagation Analysis

  • Microwave Path Analysis and FCC Filing

  • Petitions for Rulemaking or Technical Support for your Comments in an open FCC proceeding.

  • Contested FCC Cases - Technical Support for Objections or Petitions to Dismiss or Deny

  • IBOC HD FM System Recommendations and Regulatory Assistance

  • Transmission Plant Equipment Lists / Manufacturer Recommendations

  • International Border Zone Studies and Solutions

  • On-Site Studio and Transmitter Site Inspections and Due Diligence Services

  • Expert testimony in zoning hearings.

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