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        James D. Sadler

Jim studied engineering at Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland, and has been active in broadcast engineering for over 28 years.

Jim joined Carl T. Jones Corporation as a staff engineer in 1992. For the past 19 years, Jim has worked on engineering issues involving AM, FM, TV and auxiliary services. As a Senior Engineer at Carl T. Jones Corporation, Jim's primary areas of work include AM allocation, directional antenna design, optimization, on-site modification and adjustment of complex single and multi-station antenna arrays. Jim has performed numerous broadcast station studio and transmitter site inspections providing clients with detailed due diligence reports relative to station acquisitions and frequently performs radiofrequency energy measurement surveys.

Jim has the unique ability to perform professional on-site modification and construction of phasing and coupling systems followed up by the full adjustment and preparation of a standard or Method of Moments (MoM) proof-of-performance. He has worked on antenna systems throughout the country including everything from simple single tower antennas to high power directional antennas and complex systems with up to twelve towers.

Prior to joining Carl T. Jones Corporation, Jim was a staff engineer with the firm of duTreil, Lundin & Rackley , Consulting Engineers, from 1983 to 1992.

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