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        Cynthia M. Jacobson

Cynthia M. Jacobson Cindy received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics in 1984 from the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND).

Cindy joined the consulting firm of Carl T. Jones Corporation as a staff engineer in 1986. For over 25 years, Cindy has worked on broadcast engineering issues with a specialization in AM radio. Cindy's primary areas of work include AM allocation studies, AM facility improvement and AM directional antenna design. Many of these projects require a new and unique approach due to the complexity of allocation constraints. Other experience includes RFR compliance issues, Multiple ownership technical compliance issues and transmitter site requirements/acquisitions.

Prior to graduation for the University of North Dakota, Cindy was employed in the family owned radio station(s) business for 10 years. Duties included the set-up of an automation system, assisting in preparation of broadcast engineering applications for submission to the FCC, field strength measurements, antenna tuning, traffic management and advertising sales. Upon graduation, Cindy was employed as a staff engineer in the AM Branch of the Federal Communications Commission's Audio Services Division in Washington, D.C. As an FCC staff engineer, Cindy was responsible for the review of AM radio station applications. This included engineering studies relating to 301 minor changes, 302 full and partial proofs-of-performances and implementation of engineering studies for the "Radio Marti" compensation program. These employment opportunities provided Cindy with invaluable experience on the practical side of the radio business and the governing side of the industry, accounting for a total of 40 years of involvement in the broadcast services.

Cindy is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a member of the IEEE, and a member and past President and Vice President of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE).

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