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        Zar B. Aung

Zar joined the broadcast consulting firm of Carl T. Jones Corporation as an RF Engineer in 1999 to assist with the transition of Analog TV stations into DTV programming.

Zar mainly works on signal propagation problems, prediction of signal coverage, antenna designs for new and existing digital television broadcast stations, preparing engineering statements, exhibits, application data which are supplied to clients in report form and to government agencies, particularly the FCC, as part of application process.

Zar also has experience with FM and AM projects, assisting in interference and coverage studies for FM stations as well as antenna modeling, designing Filters, Phasors, Tuning systems, and participating in installation, testing and field strength measurement for AM stations.

Zar received the Electronic Engineering Degree, with Computer option from Oklahoma State University in 1998. While working at Carl T. Jones Corporation, Zar had continued taking industry related graduate courses such as antenna, digital processing, coding theory, wireless communication and communication system design courses from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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